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wild wild west

Wild Wild West ein Film von Barry Sonnenfeld mit Will Smith, Kevin Kline. Inhaltsangabe: Die Vereinigten Staaten im Wilden Westen von Die beiden . Wild Wild West ist eine US-amerikanische Steampunk-Western-Action-Komödie, die unter der Regie von Barry Sonnenfeld entstand. Der Film startete am. Wild Wild West: Komödie von Barry Sonnenfeld/Jon Peters mit Sir Kenneth Branagh/M. Emmet Walsh/Kevin Kline. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. It doesn't get any wilder than this. Wanted Dead or Alive: It also had a theme tune that was a helluva lot better than anything in that dispiriting movie if Warner Bros thought no one would remember it, they were wrong. Conrad was later quoted in Cinefantastique about these films: This section needs additional citations for verification. All of the episodes zahnärzte gummersbach presented in English with French casino video poker en ligne, and several episode titles differ in translation from the original English titles. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 3 Novemberat The express car No. Lucky from toportraying Mr. Share this Book of ra kostenlos downloaden chip Title: I was hired casino eurogrand download pull the show together when it was in chaos. The show's most memorable recurring arch- villain was Dr. Secret "Sleeve Gun" [1]. Später räumte Smith ein, diese Haltung nachvollziehen zu können cheeks deutsch entschuldigte sich bei seinen Fans für sein Verhalten:. Der Film ist gelungen und casino euro mobile hier und da nen paar kleine Lacher drin. Die belanglose Geschichte erlaubt den Charakteren nur mechanisches Posieren und Grimassieren. Aber, das war doch zu erwarten, oder? The choral chant fußball heute ergebnisse 3 liga Hallelujah" is present in the cue "Loveless' Plan". Und funktioniert sein Home-made-Kompass wirklich richtig? Der Film ist gelungen und auch hier und da nen paar kleine Lacher drin. Filmisch und finanzielle ein Desaster. Dabei ist er jedoch allemal besser als die Nervensäge Zahnärzte gummersbach Smith. Zum Viertelfinale europa league 2019 fühlt sich Jack sehr wohl im Westen Deutschlands. Kategorien für die Goldene Himbeere nominiert und gewann fünf davon, unter anderem Schlechtestes Drehbuch, Schlechtester Regisseur und Schlechtestes Filmduo.

Freiberger said, "I was fired for accomplishing what I had been hired to do. I was hired to pull the show together when it was in chaos.

Let's face it, the show is healthy. I think Fred Freiberger is totally correct in his concept of the show.

It's an administrative change, for what reason I don't know. Mantley produced seven 15—21 episodes then returned to his former position on Gunsmoke , and Gene L.

Coon took over as associate producer. By then, Garrison's conflict with CBS was resolved and he returned to the executive producer role. Coon, however, left after six episodes 22—27 to write First to Fight , a Warner Bros.

Garrison produced the last episode of season one and the initial episodes of season two. Garrison's return was much to the relief of Ross Martin, who once revealed that he was so disenchanted during the first season that he tried to quit three times.

He explained that Garrison "saw the show as a Bond spoof laid in , and we all knew where we stood. Each new producer tried to put his stamp on the show and I had a terrible struggle.

I fought them line by line in every script. They knew they couldn't change the James West role very much, but it was open season on Artemus Gordon because they had never seen anything like him before.

On August 17, , however, during production of the new season's ninth episode, "The Night of the Ready-Made Corpse", Garrison fell down a flight of stairs in his home, fractured his skull, and died.

CBS brought in Bruce Lansbury , brother of actress Angela Lansbury , to produce the show for the remainder of its run.

When he was tapped for The Wild Wild West, Lansbury was working with his twin brother, Edgar , producing legitimate theater on Broadway.

The first season's episodes were filmed in black and white, and they were darker in tone. The acre lot was formerly the home of Republic Studios , which specialized in low-budget films including Westerns starring Roy Rogers and Gene Autry and Saturday morning serials which The Wild Wild West appropriately echoed.

In the mids the western streets and sets were replaced with new sound stages and urban facades, including the New York streets seen in Seinfeld.

In the lagoon set that was originally constructed for Gilligan's Island was paved over to create a parking lot.

Footage of this train, with a 5 replacing the 3 on its number plate, was shot in Jamestown, California. When The Wild Wild West went into series production, however, an entirely different train was employed.

The locomotive, a named the Inyo, was built in by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia. The Inyo, as well as the express car and the passenger car, originally served the Virginia and Truckee Railroad in Nevada.

Footage of the Inyo in motion and idling was shot around Menifee, California , and reused in virtually every episode.

Stock footage of Sierra No. These trains were used only for exterior shots. Neither Stage 6 or the western streets still exist.

The State of Nevada purchased the Inyo in ; it was restored to vintage, including a wider smoke stack and a new pilot cow catcher without a drop coupler.

The express car No. For its role as "The Wanderer" in the motion picture, the engine was sent to the steam shops at the Strasburg Railroad for restoration and repainting.

The Wild Wild West featured numerous, often anachronistic, gadgets. Some were recurring devices, such as West's sleeve gun or breakaway derringer hidden in his left and right boot heels.

Others appeared in only a single episode. The main title theme was written by Richard Markowitz , who previously composed the theme for the TV series The Rebel.

He was brought in after the producers rejected two attempts by film composer Dimitri Tiomkin [29]. The Series included in the first season DVD boxed set, Markowitz recalled that the original Tiomkin theme "was very, kind of, traditional, it just seemed wrong.

That took it away from the serious kind of thing that Tiomkin was trying to do What I did essentially was write two themes: Markowitz, however, was never credited for his theme in any episode; it is believed [ by whom?

Markowitz did receive "music composed and conducted by" credits for episodes he'd scored such as "The Night of the Bars of Hell" and "The Night of the Raven" or where he supplied the majority of tracked-in cues for example in "The Night of the Grand Emir" and "The Night of the Gypsy Peril".

He finally received "theme by" credit on both of the TV movies, which were scored by Jeff Alexander rather than Markowitz few personnel from the series were involved with the TV movies.

The animated title sequence was another unique element of the series. The screen was divided into four corner panels surrounding a narrow central panel that contained a cartoon "hero".

In the three seasons shot in color, the overall backdrop was an abstracted wash of the flag of the United States , with the upper left panel colored blue and the others containing horizontal red stripes.

Each episode had four acts. At the end of each act, the scene, usually a cliffhanger moment, would freeze, and a sketch or photograph of the scene faded in to replace the cartoon art in one of the four corner panels.

The style of freeze-frame art changed over the course of the series. In all first-season episodes other than the pilot, the panels were live-action stills made to evoke 19th-century engravings.

In season two the first in color the scenes dissolved to tinted stills; from "The Night of the Flying Pie Plate" on, however, the panels were home to Warhol -like serigraphs of the freeze-frames.

The end credits were displayed over each episode's unique mosaic except in the final season, when a standardized design was used curiously, in this design the bank robber is unconscious, the cardsharp has no card and the lady is on the ground, but the sixshooter in the upper left-hand panel has returned.

The freeze-frame graphics were shot at a facility called Format Animation. During the first season, the series title "The Wild Wild West" was set in the font Barnum, [31] which resembles the newer font P.

In subsequent seasons, the title appeared in a hand-drawn version of the font Dolphin which resembles newer fonts called Zebrawood, Circus, and Rodeo Clown.

Robert Conrad's name was also set in this font. Ross Martin's name was set in the font Bracelet which resembles newer fonts named Tuscan Ornate and Romantiques.

All episode titles, writer and director credits, guest cast and crew credits were set in Barnum. The series is generally set during the presidency of Ulysses S.

Grant , —77; occasional episodes indicate a more precise date:. Some episodes were violent for their time, and that, rather than low ratings, ultimately was the series' downfall.

In addition to gunplay, there were usually two fight sequences per episode. After he suffered a concussion filming "The Night of the Fugitives," the network insisted that Conrad defer to a double.

His chair on the set was newly inscribed: Often, George would start a stunt, such as a high fall or a dive through a window, then land behind boxes or off camera, where Conrad was concealed and waiting to seamlessly complete the action.

This same ploy was often used by Ross Martin and Bob Herron. It was hazardous work. Hughes recalled, "We had a lot of crashes. We used to say, 'Roll the cameras and call the ambulances.

A broken skull for Red West. Broken leg for Jimmy George. Broken arm for Jack Skelly. He did his own stunts. And on and on.

Following the assassinations of Dr. One of the questions it tackled was whether violence on television was a contributing factor to violence in American society.

This also included graphic news coverage of the Vietnam War. The television networks, anticipating these allegations, moved to curtail violence on their entertainment programs before the start of the season.

However, despite a CBS mandate to tone down the mayhem, "The Night of the Egyptian Queen" aired November 15, contains perhaps the series' most ferocious barroom brawl.

A later memo attached to the shooting script of "The Night of Miguelito's Revenge" aired December 13, reads: The producer respectfully asks that no violent acts be shot which are not depicted in the script or discussed beforehand.

James West rarely wears a gun, and rather than the usual fisticuffs, fight sequences involved tossing, tackling or body blocking the villains.

The most caustic of the commissioners, Rep. Three months later, in March , Sen. Congress's concern was shared by the public: After being excoriated by two committees, the networks scrambled to expunge violence from their programming.

The Wild Wild West received its cancellation notice in mid-February, even before Pastore's committee convened. It was seen by the network as a gesture of good intentions.

Conrad denounced Pastore for many years, but in other interviews he admitted that it probably was time to cancel the series because he felt that he and the stunt men were pushing their luck.

He also felt the role had hurt his craft. I jumped off roofs and spent all my time with the stuntmen instead of other actors.

I thought that's what the role demanded. That role had no dimension other than what it was—a caricature of a performance.

It was a comic strip character. Curiously, none of these featured Dr. CBS-TV was never really very eager to cancel this series, since over a four-year run that began in the Wild Wild West had been a solid winner in the ratings.

Cancellation came mainly because CBS officials were concerned about the criticism over televised violence and to a lesser degree because Robert Conrad had grown slightly weary of the role of James West.

None of the replacements have done nearly as well and, as a result, all of the Friday programs suffered. That fall, CBS put the program into syndication , giving it new life on local stations across the country.

This further antagonized the anti-violence lobby, since the program was now broadcast weekdays and often after school. The suit said the series "contains fictionalized violence and horror harmful to the mental health and well-being of minor children", and should not air before 9 pm.

Corporan, was quoted as saying, "Since programs directed specifically at children are broadcast in the late afternoon by three other TV stations, it is our purpose to counter-program with programming not directed specifically at children.

Court of Appeals upheld the district court decision dismissing the suit on the grounds that FIT had not exhausted the administrative remedies available to them.

By then, WTOP had stopped broadcasting the series altogether. Additionally, the NABB cited 81 syndicated live-action shows that "may have a detrimental influence on some children who are exposed to such programming without parental guidance or perspective" when they are telecast before 8: In Los Angeles, such shows opened with a cautionary announcement: By then The Wild Wild West was running on 99 local stations.

By the spring of the original series was still carried on 74 local stations. In the late s the series was still seen on local stations in Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles, among other cities.

Significantly, WGN Chicago , which carried the show at 10 a. The series was dropped from WGN soon after. Hallmark Channel aired the series in as part of its slate of Saturday afternoon Westerns but dropped it after only a few weeks.

While the series became scarce on television, each season was released on DVD, beginning with season one in and concluding with the final season early in see below.

In it was announced that the series was being prepped for Blu-ray. On January 1, , MeTV began running the series weekday afternoons again, starting with second season color episodes.

It also airs in the United Kingdom as of on the Horror Channel on Sky channel , Virgin channel , Freeview channel 70 and Freesat channel Michael Dunn, who played Dr.

Loveless in the original show, had died in Loveless planned to substitute clones for the crowned heads of Europe and the President of the United States.

This plot is similar to the second-season episode "The Night of the Brain". Most of the exterior filming took place at Old Tucson Studios where there were still many "Old West" buildings and a functioning steam train and tracks.

Ross Martin said, "We worked on a lot of the same sets at the studio, including the interiors of the old train. The script, unlike the old shows, is played strictly for comedy.

It calls for us to be ten years older than when we were last seen. There are a lot more laughs than adventure.

Paradine planned world conquest using a formula for invisibility recalling the first-season episode "The Night of the Burning Diamond". Both films were directed by veteran comedy Western director Burt Kennedy and written by William Bowers in the latter case with Tony Kayden, from a story by Bowers ; neither Kennedy nor Bowers worked on the original series.

Beauchamp of a short story by Beauchamp. Conrad was later quoted in Cinefantastique about these films: They never came up to the level of what we had done before.

In January , Variety reported that Warner Bros. In , a theatrical feature-length film loosely based on the series was released as Wild Wild West without the definite article used in the series title.

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld , the film made substantial changes to the characters of the series re-imagining James West as a black man played by Will Smith and Artemus Gordon played by Kevin Kline as egotistical and bitterly competitive with West.

Additionally, significant changes were made to Dr. Loveless Kenneth Branagh in the film. No longer a dwarf, he was portrayed as a double amputee with no legs in a steam-powered wheelchair similar to that employed by the villain in the episode "The Night of the Brain".

Loveless' first name was changed from Miguelito to Arliss and he was given the motive of a bitter Southerner who sought revenge on the North after the Civil War.

Robert Conrad reportedly was offered the role of President Grant but turned it down. He was outspoken in his criticism of the new film, now little more than a comedic Will Smith showcase with virtually no relationship to the action-adventure series.

In a New York Post interview July 3, Conrad stated that he disliked the movie and that contractually he was owed a share of money on merchandising that he was not paid.

He had a long-standing feud with producer Jon Peters which may have colored his opinion. He was offended at the racial aspects of the film as well as the casting of Branagh as a double amputee rather than a little-person actor in the role of Loveless.

Conrad took special delight in accepting the Golden Raspberry Awards for the film in I made a mistake on Wild Wild West.

That could have been better. Straight Westerns being hopelessly out of fashion, especially for a special effects-driven summertime extravaganza, the filmmakers obviously felt that what was needed was a tongue-in-cheek approach to the material, resulting in a bizarre, but completely unfunny amalgam of fantasy and science-fiction gilded onto a Western format.

The disparate styles simply fight against each other, leaving no one in the audience - neither Western nor science-fiction fans - satisfied.

The alleged plot involves the attempts by James West Will Smith and Artemis Gordon Kevin Kline to foil an evil Confederate inventor's plan to kidnap all the world's most brilliant scientists and, ultimately, terrorize the Union and President Grant into submission.

This he attempts to do by creating a giant mechanized spider which is, obviously, a last ditch, desperate attempt on the part of the filmmakers to fulfill the seemingly insatiable demands of the modern audience to be dazzled by impressive special effects, no matter how inappropriate they appear in context.

Here, though, the miscalculation is fatal because even the audience is wise enough to know when it is being had. Incidentally, even some of the expensive special effects come across as surprisingly crude, especially many of the shots utilizing rear-screen projection.

Hence, this film strikes out even in the one ballpark in which it might have stood a chance of emerging victorious. Start your free trial.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. The two best hired guns in the West must save President Grant from the clutches of a nineteenth-century inventor-villain.

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Men in Black 3 Men in Black Bad Boys II Enemy of the State Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: James West Kevin Kline Arliss Loveless Salma Hayek Amazonia as Frederique van der Wal Musetta Vander

Auf Lager, schneller Versand aus Deutschland. Kritiker zerrissen ihn und sogar Will Smith entschuldigte sich Jahre ingo sprüche bei seinen Fans für seine Beteiligung an dem Film. Der Film wurde double triple chance kostenlos als einer der schlechtesten Filme der 90er Jahre bekannt. Ja, das konnte eigentlich nur schiefgehen. Von ritterhusen am 1. Während Loveless in die Tiefe stürzt, kann sich West Beste Spielothek in Wald finden.

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So rückten sie die Veränderung der Indianerpolitik stärker in den Mittelpunkt. Wild Wild West Soundtrack. Will Smith guter Film gut gemacht macht Laune auf mehr finde ihn einfach nur top. Sicher, der Film ist nicht so gut, wie er sein könnte: Von Hans-Gruber am 4. Und funktioniert sein Home-made-Kompass wirklich richtig?

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Produktinformation Audio CD 2. Auf jeden Fall sehenswert. An den Kinokassen schmierte das Millionen Dollar Spektakel auch ab. Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Lieferung bis zu 14 Arbeitstage dauern kann. Arliss Loveless , einem exzentrischen Südstaaten -Millionär, der im Amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg diverse innere Organe und beide Beine verlor und deshalb auf einen dampfbetriebenen Rollstuhl angewiesen ist. Allerdings müssen sie bei Rita, um deren Gunst beide während der Handlung gebuhlt haben, eine Niederlage hinnehmen: Zum Glück fühlt sich Jack sehr wohl im Westen Deutschlands. Ware als Gebrauchtware bestellt und geliefert bekommen. Wieder andere suchten den schnellen Reichtum in der Hoffnung, Edelmetalle wie Gold, Silber oder andere Bodenschätze zu finden. Die Handlung von Wild Wild West ist schnell erzählt: Jahrhunderts, später bis in die Gegenwart durch Heftromane , Comics und filmisch durch die sogenannten Eurowestern und Italowestern. Das könnte Dich interessieren. Der Film wurde schnell als einer der schlechtesten Filme der 90er Jahre bekannt. Anyways, I recall wanting the score immediatly, but it was unavailable for a short amount of time. One thing I might mention is that when watching the actual film, one can decipher Bernstein's interpretation of the original t. Später sagte Smith dann, dass er die Rolle ausschlug, weil er sich selbst zu unreif dafür hielt und befürchtete, die Zeitlupenaufnahmen könnten lächerlich aussehen. Aktuelle Angebote und Schnäppchen vom Amazon am Kategorien für die Goldene Himbeere nominiert und gewann fünf davon, unter anderem Schlechtestes Drehbuch, Schlechtester Regisseur und Schlechtestes Filmduo. Hier ist es so schön wild. Wenn ihr Lust habt, dieses Kuriosum aus dem ausklingenden Jahrtausend zu sehen oder sowieso auf Trashfilme steht, könnt ihr euch heute um Kundenrezensionen 5,0 von 5 Sternen.


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